Planning vacation, but you don’t know when is the best time to go to Nashville? In this article we are going to give you some information about the weather and temperature in Nashville TN through the year.

Nashville, Tennessee Weather and Temperature by Month

January is definitely the coldest month of the year in Nashville. The highest temperature is 47 F, and the lowest temp is 28 F that results in the most snow and it is about 3 inches. At this month, Nashville also receives the smallest amount of sunlight.

February is the month when the temp increases to 52 F as the highest average, and the average low also increases to 32 F, but it still remains at the freezing point.

March is the month with the last snowfall. It is the first spring month, and it also has a jump in temperature. The temperature ranges from 61 F to 39 F

April is the month that has a large leap in the temperature. The temperatures range from 71 F to 47 F.

May is the last month of spring, and it brings the temperatures from 78 F to 57 F.

June is the month with the most sunshine, and the temperatures range from 86F to 65F.

July is definitely the hottest month of the year in Nashville with the temperatures from 89 F to 69 F.

August is the month where the high temperature stays the same, but the low drop a little bit.

September is the month where the temperatures start dropping at the beginning of Autumn. The temperature range from 82 F to 61 F

October is definitely the driest month of the year here, with a precipitation of 3 inches. The temperatures continue dropping down and they range from 72 F to 49 F. 

November is the month with the highest precipitation and it averages at 4 inches. The temperatures range from 60 F to 39 F.

December is the month that marks the start of winter and it brings the first snow to Nashville. The snow averages at an inch. The temperatures range from 49 F to 31 F.

Best time of year to visit Nashville Tn

​This depends on what you like the most.  If you want to enjoy outdoor activities and festivals, then the best time for you is in the summer months of June and August. On the other side, if you don’t like the heat, because it can get humid and hot in the summer here, the right time for you to go is during fall in September, October, and November. These 3 months are also the best time for avoiding the crowd


If you want to find out what is the best time to visit Nashville, then you first have to know what you like and what you don’t like. Both summers and winters are beautiful in Nashville, but summers are more crowded than winters. So you just have to pick what you like better.

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