Where To Eat In Nashville Tn - Our Top Choices

Nashville is a city that is known for the music, not the food. But, while the city was evolving, so has the food scene. The best chefs from the country have been migrating to this place so that they can open their kitchens and as a result are some of the best Nashville tn restaurants have been made. So if you are visiting Nashville, and don’t know where to dine, we have made a list of the best dining places in Nashville tn.

Jake’s Bakes

Want some cookies on call? Jake’s Bakes will take care of that. Do you have a craving for sweets? Jake’s Bakes will take care of that too. Don't you know how to make a thank you gift? Jake’s Bakes got you even for that. You just have to give this shop a call and thirty minutes later, warm cookies will arrive at your house with milk, if you want it.

The recipes are being developed by Jake himself, and he changes them by the season. There is also a store where you can buy just one cookie.

Capitol Grille

It is located in the Hermitage Hotel, and it is one of Nashville tn best bbq restaurants. Chef Tyler Brown is the one who creates all the menus that are reflective of the city. The daily blue plate lunch is a great value and it offers choices like barbeque, buttermilk-mashed potatoes or creamed chicken. 

It is also widely known for menus that are amazing for holiday celebrations and hearty breakfast dishes. The vegetables are produced in the chefs garden and are being harvested at the gardens that are just 4 miles away from the hotel, the Double H Farms.

Arnold’s Country Kitchen

Arnold’s is a food lover’s fantasy, even though you cant find fussy and trendy cuisine here. Here you just have to take a tray and pick from a vegetable plate or some meat-and-three. It is a cafeteria-style restaurant. The recipes are changed from day to day, and you can choose dumplings, chicken, roast beef, mashed potatoes, turnip greens and mac and cheese. 

When the place is crowded, you probably will share your table with some strangers. But, this being the south, they won't be strangers for too long. This is one of the rare restaurants that has stayed popular for about 30 years.

Mas Tacos Por Favor

This is a food truck that serves tacos, soups, and other Mexican food at a brick-and-mortar location in East Nashville. The specials change through the week, but it doesn’t matter what the day is, you will get something solid and good. The tilapia tacos and fried avocado are the favorites and don’t forget to try the tortilla soup. Also, the quinoa sweet potato taco isn’t something you can find anywhere. The lines are often long, but they work fast. 

This is one of the best Mexican restaurants Nashville tn.

Adele’s Nashville

Adele’s has an airy and welcoming feel because it is located in a prior Gulch garage. Jonathan, who is the founder of this locale has named it after his mother, and it has a contemporary California cuisine style. The menu is being changed by the season, but the favorites are the JW potatoes and JW signature chicken, and they are crispy on the outside. If you get lucky enough to visit this restaurant when the cauliflower is on the menu, don’t forget to order it. 

This is one of the best dinner restaurants Nashville tn.

Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack

This is a small restaurant that is a hole-in-the-wall landmark, here you will taste the best hot chicken ever. This place offers four levels of heat ranging from extra hot to mild. But, the meaning of their mild is often spicy for other people, so be careful when ordering. Hot chicken isn’t deep fried, but pan fried and some secret spices are added. This place is famous, so the wait here can be a bit long, so don’t forget to call before coming. 

Pinewood Social

This is a fantastical hybrid of a beer garden, coffee house, and a bowling alley, it is an outdoor-indoor venue. It works really good, even though it sounds strange. Outdoor, you can cool off with some drinks that are being served from an Airstream bar that is vintage, here you can even take a swim in the restaurant's pool. Inside you can find six lanes for bowling, and even more place for socializing, eating and drinking. 

Butchertown Hall

This is a restaurant that honors the butcher shops from its neighborhood. Here, you can try some amazing burgers and ribs, sausages, tacos among other meat meals. In the restaurant, it can get pretty loud, so it isn’t the best place for having a conversation, but the outdoor is a whole different story. 

City House

This is one of the best restaurants in Nashville tn downtown. It is located in Germantown, and it offers pasta and pizza. Here you can get an unforgettable meal, because they treat you good, especially with starters like raisins, peanuts, chilies, basil, garlic, tomato and octopus with eggplant. This also one of the best Italian restaurants Nashville tn.

South Street Crab Shack

This is one of the best seafood restaurants in Nashville tn . It looks just like an old Dukes of Hazard set, so you shouldn’t be expecting some fancy tablecloths. In the warmer seasons, locals almost fight for the tables closest to the glass door. As for winter, the preferred tables are around the fireplace. This place serves Nashville-style ribs, fried catfish, fried pickle spears, oysters and red crawfish boils.


Doesn’t matter what restaurant you visit from our list, all of them are going to offer you the best dining experience ever. You will also enjoy the food, and make an unforgettable memory. In Nashville, you can pick what food style you like, and you will certainly find a restaurant for you.

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