My name is Mark, and I am a doctor. I am 31 years old and I am a big fan of history, I even might call it my hobby. I have a wife, and we are married for about 2 years now, prior to that we have been dating for about 4 years. Her name is Marisa, and she is an architect. She is 28 years old.

The first experience

It was our two year anniversary, and we had it all planned of where to go. But at the last minute, we had to cancel it off because I had some important things to do. So I wanted to repay myself by taking her on a spontaneous trip.

It was winter, and she is more of a summer type, so I didn’t know where to take her. That is when I hear about Nashville and how good it is even in winter. It was full of history, and her being an architect was going in my favor. So I said why not, I booked the trip without telling her. 

Just when we were supposed to go, I told her to pack up because we had a plane in 2 days.

So said and so done, we spent 2 weeks in Nashville.

The return

We were amazed by that place, especially her. We went on a lot of historic tours that were so interesting. But, of all that, the Parthenon dazzled us the most. We aren’t the kind of people to go to the same places over and over again, but we fell in love with that place because you could do different stuff every day.

We also visited a lot of restaurants, and let me tell you, the food is absolutely the best. We recommend Adele’s Nashville, and her JW chicken signature. But don’t worry, there are a lot of other amazing restaurants.

The result of us going to that place is that we haven’t stopped going there since then.

From That Point on…

From that point on, we visited Nashville a lot of times. The secret behind visiting the same place over and over and without it becoming boring is that you have to do different stuff every time. Book different places, dine at different restaurants, drink at different bars and so on. That place even has a marvelous zoo with Bengal tigers. I mean that was the first time I saw one in reality.

As for the tours, we went on a lot of them. But still, we aren’t even close to the point where we visited everything. Every next time we go there is even better than the last one. 

As I said, our favorite place is the full-scale Parthenon. My wife enjoyed it even more than I did because she adores Greek architecture. 

Also, this is the best place to find out about the origins of country music. 

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